Are You Looking for Exercise Programs to Help You Get Fit? Try Our Group Exercise Classes Today and Feel Your Best Soon!

If you want to get into shape but are tired of the usual routines, then you may want to look into our group exercise classes and exercise programs at The Pilates Babe. At The Pilates Babe, it’s our belief that living a healthy lifestyle starts with keeping your body strong and fit from the inside out. It is my goal to help you reach your fitness goals, but first, we need to work together to define what those are.


I guide you through each and every workout, so that you feel great and know that you’re performing the exercises correctly. I offer private sessions, mat pilates, reformer group classes and tower group classes, so you can choose the perfect way to get in shape. Whether you’re interested in looking and feeling good, getting healthier or building strength and stamina, these courses are perfect.


On my website, you can find the blog, where I keep you updated on classes and other information that you may find interesting. You can book a session online when you’re on the website, too. Three options are currently available including one-on-one sessions, duo sessions and semi-private sessions. Prices may vary, so please reach out if you need any more information about these courses.


If you’d like to chat about our services, reach out by calling, chatting or emailing. You can chat with me online through the chat engine in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, or you can click “get in touch” to send an email directly. Reach out to (714) 343-0912 if you’d like to speak with me directly about these classes. I look forward to speaking with you and getting to know you during our sessions!